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How to know who your website should target

I’ve been in the website design and development game now just over four years and over that period I’ve gotten some pretty good experience as to what makes a good website and what doesn’t. With every client, we always begin our design with one question in mind “Who is this website going target and what do we want them to do when they get here?”.  Asking these questions has been proven to help us design unique, functional and most importantly successful websites. I’ve often come across many businesses that do a great job of operating offline and then they do an absolutely appalling job of making their website work for them.

Many small and even medium businesses see a website as a necessary addition to their business, but they don’t do a good job to make sure there is a “next step” for their possible customers. This magical next step I’m talking about is known in marketing terms as a Call to Action. A Call to Action is something which the website user must do for us (the owner of the website) to get a step closer to achieving a goal. Some everyday examples we’re all familiar with on sites we visit is newsletter sign ups.

If you know who you want to visit your site and what you want them to do once they are on your site, you will have a far more effective website than just a digital brochure. You might not be able to create revenue directly from your website but you will find that the stages in the sale process are shortened and at the very least you will gain information about a possible customer that you can market directly to. If you want some more advice about website targeting and customer targeting click on over here.


Some quick tips for effective web design & development:

  1. Look at the products/services you offer, what is the most lucrative for you? What do you want to sell more off, is there a line of products that offer a higher margin? Maybe you’re a plumber and you find that offering your services to a commercial or a business customer is more profitable than providing it to a residential customer.
  2. Who is the buyer/user of the product or service? What is the average profile of that consumer for that lucrative product/service?
  3. Now that we know who they are and what we want to sell to them, we must lay out the process of their journey on the website.
    • If it’s a product there is almost a certainty that you will be able to sell this directly from your site (Unless you sell something out of the ordinary like a private jet or a yacht!).
    • If you offer a service, think what you need to do get them to contact you. Maybe have a callback form, if you’re a mechanic have a unique contact form where the user can put in the registration of their car and directly receive a quote from you.
    • Remember to think, what can you give them in return for them filling out that form? Maybe if you’re a real-estate agent you could have a button to offer them a free valuation of their property. In return, you’ve gotten information about the possible client and you’ve already built a reputation with that client.
  4. See what your competitors are doing both locally and abroad. Chances are at least one of your direct competitors are making considerable gains from using their website effectively. See what’s unique to them that you could mirror on your website, maybe they have a live chat option. Maybe your competition isn’t doing anything correctly, this gives you a huge opportunity to be a trendsetter! Market research is key to delivering a unique, functional and successful website, however, it can’t be always easy to sort through all your competition’s advantages and disadvantages. At Phoenix Web Development, we offer market research on two of our website design & development packages! Considering we’re still developing our own site, why not sign up to our newsletter and receive the latest news and updates about the web industry and how effective web design & development can result in a successful website.

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development at Phoenix Web Development, I've being involved in IT for a number of years focusing on website design and development.

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